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April 2015, Fintech Startups Month

If you are a fintech startup, an investor in fintech, or just someone curious about fintech, April of this year will most certainly be the biggest month ever for fintech startup events.  These events are not the kind that cost $2,100 and a flight & hotels for vegas (Money2020), or $3,000 and an application for the honor of being around “financial service leaders” (Exponential Finance).  Instead, the month features events in NYC (and one in Chicago) that rally all the awesome elements that get me excited about fintech in the first place.  Every part of the ecosystem will be represented, and I, for one, am pumped that organizers are putting their time and effort into them.

Costing currently $200 for startups and never more than $600 from the expense account for corporate attendees, The Fintech Startups Conference will be April 7th in NYC.  It’s a one-day event and has an outstanding lineup of panels, plus a competition to see who will be one of five finalists to demo at the end of the day. I helped produce the first one of these in 2013 with Jon, and he’s decided to do the show in Webster Hall this year.  Some really impressive people will be speaking there.

The following night, April 8th in NYC, will be the Benzinga FinTech Awards.  Jason and his crew in Detroit have been running an online voting-driven competition for a few months, and 115 companies have entered for the prize of millions and zillions of ad impressions on, the retail-investor (and professional amateur trader) driven website.  It’s an evening affair, with some demos and some coronations and costs $200 for startups or $500 for regular admission.  If the StockTwits mafia is your thing and want to hobnob with CNBC-types, this is the event for you.  I’m also sure it will be a fun vibe and great fintech startup founders will be in the crowd.

April 18th will be the third Fintech Hackathon in NYC.  Nick is holding the event at the office of his generous and brave employer, Betterment.  Nick has completely altruistic intentions, and usually donates the proceeds to a good cause.  Plus he always gets incredible API partners and I expect he’ll have some cool sponsors come on board.  It’s going to be a long, hot couple of days in that room and I just love being a part of it.  Remember that time he had the US Treasury, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones API’s available for all the developers? That was pretty cool. $30 to participate, but don’t come just for demos ($10) and make the room unbearably full and hot, unless you were here.   Then you’re cool 😉

April 23rd in Chicago is going to be the first ever Fintech Exchange conference.  I know Jason, one of the organizers and he always has the ecosystem deeply in mind.  As you can imagine, it’s going to be a bit trading and data heavy in terms of content, but he’s doing an awesome thing for Chicago, which I personally consider a top 2-3 candidate city to build a fintech startup. He tells me his next event will be even more “startup centric”.  It’s a one day thing and costs $100.  Go and support his first event!

Also April 23rd in NYC is the fourth annual NY TechDay.  I proudly produce this event with my partners at TechDayHQ.  Our event is the largest one day startup event in North America.  Of the 400+ startups we had exhibiting last year, a couple dozen were fintech.  For those unfamiliar, the event has no programming or speakers, we call it the “science fair for statups”.  It’s free to attend with registration. We typically have a few thousand attendees from finserve walking the floor many of whom are looking for ways to participate in the startup ecosystem.  At least year’s show, we calculated that there was over $24 Billion in investment capital represented on the floor.

It should be a busy and fun month, and I look forward to seeing you around.

Did I miss any?  Please let me know!