Opportunity Knocks

There’s a guy I know.  I’ve known him since the beginning of all this.  We met at the WeWork.  WeWork Labs to be precise.  I was working on my thing, he was always working on something.  He is a developer.  I know he sold a company once to a high profile NYC startup but not the kind of deal where you read about it in TechCrunch.

He’s a funny dude who is clearly talented, good natured, but sometimes others found him abrasive.  I was a clueless former Wall Street guy thinking he was about to change the world by bootstrapping an outsourced app.  I and him and a handful of guys and gals were always on that floor together day and night, at the second WeWork location, original WeWork Labs members.  When it was a community that outsiders sometimes misunderstood to be a collective where its members had to contribute a mandatory number of hours doing tech for other’s projects.  When Trista knew everyone and held it together.  That seems like a very long time ago.

One day, after one of the very largest tech acquisitions of all time hit the news, he put something up in the Labs facebook group’s wall. Continue reading

It Seems Like Every Conversation Starts With….

[We’re looking to raise our seed/A round]

Two blogs have recently been written on the topic that really shouldn’t be ignored and will say it WAY better than me.  Here’s the first one- blessed by the @pmarca himself:

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Amy Etiquette

About six months ago, I got an email from a person named Pear about an “early christmas present”.  A friend who was affiliated with x.ai from the VC side had been kind enough to spend the keystrokes and relationship capital to enable me to be an early beta user of Amy.  Amy, or x.ai, which is the name of the company, is a gmail based personal assistant that magically schedules meetings with the power of artificial intelligence (and I assume a good bit of human “training” as well).

In my 15+ year professional life, I’ve never been in a situation where someone’s job was to be my personal assistant.  I can say unequivocally that Amy has made my life easier and I’d be pretty bummed out if she left me.  I’d like to share a few pointers that might be interesting for non-users, but perhaps more importantly, share some etiquette for users of Amy. Continue reading